essential oils

Essential Oils, ormus minerals, & herbal elixirs

Mastered verified formulations of powerfully transformative therapeutic-grade essential oils,  life-giving electrically revitalizing minerals, and palpably  profoundly uplifting medicinal plant spagyrics.

Lovingly hand-crafted in SEDONA treasures for all parts of you: body, mind, & soul.


With the incredible importance right now of keeping our minds confidently clear & our bodies powerfully fortified, we have you covered! This is why we are here as earth ambassadors reminding you that you are taken care of and Mother Earth always provides just what we all need!

Yes, we’ve got you…
Now you are golden!

Method of Extraction

A Spagyric is an elixir (al-iksir meaning from the ashes) that nourishes the physical body, soul, and spirit of those who receive it. Working in harmony with nature, we align with the planets, sun, moon cycles, elements, and archetypal energies to infuse our work with the greatest ability to elevate consciousness. “Spagyric”: spao, meaning separate, and gyre, meaning recombine; is an alchemical process separating the 3 Principles of the plant: Soul (Oil), Spirit (Alcohol), and Body (Salt) purifying and concentrating, and then bringing back together into a perfectly evolved, hyper-intelligent, and deeply bio-available whole.

panacea essential oils


Age Reversing

Mind Sharpening

Life Extending

exaltation essential oils

Coronation Ormus

Sovereignty Strengthening

Energy Enhancing

Soul Purpose Aligning


Stress Relieving

Heart Opening

Euphoria Arousing

Divine essential oils

DIVINIZE anointing OIL

Energy Clearing

Awareness Expanding

Creativity Focusing

Divine essential oils


Immunity Upgrading

DNA Fortifying

Digestion Harmonizing

Divine essential oils

Nectar Necklace

Will Empowering

Heart Emboldening

Magic Unveiling

Highest Quality Ingredients

Lovingly gathered from around the planet






We are simply sacred custodians of Mother Earth here to support in sharing her beautiful bounty and write endless love poems in return. Literally and figuratively!


We craft the finest medicinal herbal spagyric tinctures, eye-opening enlightening ORMUS elixirs, and most therapeutic uplifting essential oils on the planet today. Just try and you will see!


Listening deeply & following in the footsteps of Mother Nature, we are called to action to deliver her healing antidotes to humanity whilst actually helping nourish & rebuild her at the same time. This is the beautiful heart core value of true Wild-Crafting!

Shine your being on this new beginning

Spread your heart, wings, and blessings

Become the pure awe who you truly are

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