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Illup Gravengaard has been communing with the earth, bare soles in the dirt, open heart listening to the soul guidance of plants since childhood. His greater purpose for this life became clear after a 40 day venture in the wild desert surrounding Sedona, Arizona. He realized there is a connection between and among all things, all beings, all that is. Illup found that when people were exposed to the consciousness of plants, they simultaneously became more greatly aware that they themselves too are the intelligent nectars beyond form and thought.

Instilling and enhancing this higher sense of awareness in all, Illup prepares and shares spagyric alchemically prepared tinctures, essential oils, organic botanical perfumes, wild herbal teas, Ormus rare mineral supplements, potable metallic medicines, kombucha “Cohmbeesha” & mead honey wine ferments, and more.

Illup has been interviewed by Andrew Zimmern and featured on the Travel Channel’s world-wide show “Bizarre Foods.” In print, Illup has been high-lighted from the local Red Rock News to the International “Trinity” magazine of Japan. Illup’s Rose Damascena Kombucha won Best Beverage Award at the international Raw Living Expo. He is also the behind the scenes formulator and/or trainer for several mainstream beverage and elixir brands on the market.

Illup Gravengaard is the founder and creator of the award-winning vitality life-style brand Kejiwa (Sanscrit meaning “Of the Soul”). Most recent is the launch of a new brother brand entitled “Ambrosia” the absolute epitome of his life’s work. The Ambrosia line of elixirs are created with the intention to create long lasting pro-active physical health, focused clarity & potency of mind, and furthermore realized embodied consciousness giving one the ability to stream higher awareness in their individual unique flavor of service to all.

Traveling the world with this great work, with a home base in the beautiful red rock vortex of Sedona, Illup shares medicinal plant walks, spagyric preparation & distillation classes, elixir flight experiences for groups, alchemy apprenticeship programs, as well as monthly full moon alchemy ceremonies.

Clavis Aurea // The Golden Key

The means to discovering absolute truth & beauty beyond belief, unlocking the limitless potential that you really are.

Pledge from Illup, The Founding Ambrosia Alchemist

My commitment to each and every recipient of my work is to create deeply nourishing elixirs of the absolute highest quality and the greatest efficacy. I vow to personally oversee and hand-craft every small batch myself, assuring perfect formula balance for a most potent remedy to bring about beneficial empowered change physically, mentally, and spiritually.

All the Love always.
Your Friend,