Masterfully crafted blend of pure small batch essential oils

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*Brand NEW Version of this sacred sensual oil blend more potentized longer staying power, highly effective & truly transformative!

Aphrodisiac / Heart Healer / Libido Booster / Self-Love Nurturer / Soul Uplifter

am·​o·​rous | \ ˈa-mə-rəs 1. strongly moved by love and especially romantic love. 2. being in love ENAMORED 3. ignited sexuality 4. passionate, full of affection.

15ml bottle


Ylang Ylang (Madagascar)

Cistus Rock Rose (Crete)

Rose Damascena (Bulgaria)

Jasmine Sambac (Egypt)

Magnolia Blossom (California)

Lavender Maillette (France)

Sandalwood (Australia)

Grapefruit (South Africa)

*100% organic

**These precious oils are steam-distilled, hydro-distilled or extracted via enfleurage in small artisan batches.

This gorgeous gold bottle comes with essential oil orifice reducer cap made to gently drip liquid… It can be taken with you anywhere throughout your day, kept in the ceremonial wooden gift box on your altar, set by your bedside for sweet intimate moments, and shared with friends to make any occasion more amorous!!

Intentional Anointing Directions:

*** For a quick pick-me-up: place two drops on the inner side of one of your wrists and gently rub wrists together; bringing hands up to eyebrow center, wrists at nostrils, inhale deeply several times; smile to yourself for this gift you’ve given yourself this day.

*** Beginning your morning meditation: put a drop of Amorous on your wrists, third- eye brow-point, temples, chin, and both sides of the neck as you set your loving intention for your practice and all you’ll love to create this day.

*** Solo ritual in a quiet space: place Amorous drops on your heart-center, under your nose, and centered on your third-eye with an upper ward motion; envision a golden light connecting your heart and your mind; and feel yourself filled with an absolutely whole kind of love that contains everything you need.

*** With a beloved: sit face to face across from each in a comfortable & beautifully set space; anoint each other with Amorous oil on the brow, forehead, temples, chin, sides & nape of the neck, high heart, and both wrists rubbing them together and enjoying how the smell changes on yours and your beloved’s body; freely eye-gaze for some minutes till you break out in loving laughter; and once again return to the delicious smells on your bodies and continue enjoying the magic from here.

*** For beautiful smooth glowing face & skin; use individually or even better, combine Amorous Oil & Divinize Oil massaging into your forehead, brow, cheeks, and under eyes smoothing fine lines and instilled a youthful glow!

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“I took one sniff of this and it completely catapulted me into another space and time. Illup, you are a scent alchemist and as a fellow smellologist, I use those words very sparingly. Easing my heart, soul and nervous system, taking me to a space of deep peace inside of myself… this is truly a gift.” ~ Taylor Estes. Dreamcraft Retreat

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15ml bottle only, w/ wooden gift box