AMBROSIA Coronation


ORMUS essential life-giving minerals infused with brain balancing mind-enhancing herbs to align you with your highest divine sublime expression!

Spiritually Empowering . Meditation Deepening. Intuitive-Knowing Opening ***SOLD OUT

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AMBROSIA Coronation (50ml) NEW! ***SOLD OUT

Spiritual connection / Radiance instilling / Soul purpose aligning / Meditation enhancing / Life enlightening / Crown & Third-eye opening

cor· o· na· tion | \ ˌkȯr-ə-ˈnā-shən: 1. the act or occasion of crowning. 2. accession to the highest position.

From Latin corōnare “to deck with flowers.”

Ingredients: Ormus Minerals, Frankincense, Oil of Gold, Blue Lotus, Myrrh,  Rose Damascena, Sedona Raw Wildflower Honey, Spring Water [ *All Ingredients Wild / Organic ]

Profound ingredients here to uplift you into pure de-light:

Ormus Minerals ~ because of poor soil quality, basically all humans are mineral deficient so we must intentionally up our mineral intake for it is the foundation of true health needed to synthesize proteins, regenerate tissues, transport nutrients, and feed our cells! Ormus contains 72 essential minerals greatly needed on the daily to support graceful aging or even age reversal. Ormus nourishes and expedites the healing process of the entire body by boosting cellular regeneration, furthermore, aiding us in gaining access to untapped awareness by decalcifying the pineal gland, creating an environment for greater self-awareness, activating dormant DNA into our greatest fully expressed divine selves.

Frankincense ~ the powerful king of essential oils, has been used traditionally as a medication against inflammation for a very long time. Containing a variety of pentacyclic triterpenic acids including Boswellic Acid nullify pain & arthritis and ward off harmful bacteria, pathogens, & disease. Frankincense’s frees up oxygen flow throughout the body and has shown to be one of the most effective anti-anxiety & anti-depression herbs. This miracle resin has been studied & proven to promote a healthy immune response connected to radiant overall skin health on top of it all. Spiritually, Frankincense opens up “the doors of perception” creating space for deep spiritual connection. This is why it has been used in churches & temples for ages along with it’s cleansing clearing properties.

Oil of Gold ~ is an organic oil extracted from 24k metallic gold, yet contains no metallic in it’s final form. This oil rich in healing terpenes, ketones, phenols, and pyrroles, correlates to the pineal gland in the brain which is associated with natural melatonin and visionary DMT production. It protects from degenerative DNA mutations in turn laying the way for vibrant health, longevity, and noticeable reverse in aging. Spiritually, Oil of Gold helps one overcome limited patterns and lack mindset, prayerfully connecting you to the pure infinite consciousness that you truly are.

Blue Lotus ~ is an aphrodisiac, calmative nervine relaxant, and overall profound spiritual tool. Powerful alkaloids Apomorphine, Nuciferine, Aporphine go right to your dopamine receptors creating a harmonious balance releasing feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear transforming into joyfulness, clarity, and trust. A happy dopamine system calms the overproduction of cortisol stress hormones. Blue Lotus also contains a variety of phytosterols which directly support proper neurotransmitter firing directly relating to focus, memory, as well as dream recall; long known of the premiere Lucid Dreaming herb. Spiritually, Blue Lotus is a representation of above, below, within, so without and all there is pointing us into our full potential and awakened consciousness.

Myrrh ~ contains many active ingredients which have highly effective anti-inflammatory qualities including well studied naturally occurring constituents as guggulsterone, triterpenoid manumbinoic acid, and 4-furanodien-6-one. These qualities extend into an array of benefits such immunity fortifying, antimicrobial, speeds up healing, and on top of that strengthens hair roots preventing hair loss. Myrhh has been used since ancients times as an analgesic (pain reliever) and in modern studies key sesquiterpenes acted directly on the central nervous system bringing relief. The component of Furanodiene scientifically showed to eliminate pain from almost all conditions in every test subject.

Intentional Directions:

*** Take 10 pumps (1ml) under the tongue. Close your eyes bringing them upward & in toward your third-eye. Press your tongue gently to the upper palette of your mouth with a slight smile on your face activating your crown. Breathe full body through the nostrils extending & lengthening your exhales. Envision a golden lotus blossoming light at the top of your head opening & clearing the way for divine remembrance & supreme connection. *** 

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“These are the most potent and beautifully hand-crafted elixirs I’ve ever had the pleasure to try! Your potions are magic!” 

~ Athena Rose (Visual & Vocal Artist)

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