AMBROSIA Exaltation


Pure essential oil inhaler of the three highest frequency substances on Earth

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Empowering Pure Essential Oil Inhaler for On-The-Go


Blue Spruce ~ (Grand Canyon, Arizona) 580 Hz

Rose Damascena ~ (Sacred Valley of the Rose, Bulgaria) 320 Hz

Frankincesnse ~ (Incense Route, Somalia) 147 Hz

*These precious oils are the three highest frequency substances on earth. 

All oils are 100% wild and/or organically grown & therapeutic grade. Perfect size for carrying in the pocket, the purse or fanny pack!

Here to inspire you to breathe deeply & uplift your being all day!                    

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“Consciously choosing and re-choosing to refresh oneself and drink the Spring of Life within. This is the essence of "Ambrosia" . It cleans and refreshes inner chambers, throws wide open windows of the interior cathedral and allows the radiance of the inner sun to shine and reveal its sublime home and beauty.” ~ Gabriella Young. Poet & Performer

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