Supreme Nootropic formula of creative mind enhancing herbs, rose water & pure raw honey


Clear Head . Sharp Mind . Powerful Presence

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(50 ml)

Ingredients: Gingko Biloba, Brahmi (Bacopa), Tulsi Holy Basil, Lion’s Mane, Wild Sedona Piñion Pine Pollen Needle Twig Resin & Cone, Sacred Valley Bulgaria Rose Damascena, American Ginseng. Frankincense, Rhodiola, Rosemary, Gota Kola, Codonopsis Root, Ethically Sourced Pure Raw Local Honey, Crystallized Plant Salts, Grape Alcohol (22%)  *All Ingredients Wild / Organic

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Ginkgo Biloba ~ boosts overall vitality instilling great mental clarity and alertness. As Blue Amber naturally emits it’s own light; it creates an inner experience of lightedness: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom ~ enhances brain function (memory, focus & concentration), stimulates nerve growth factor production maintaining neurons, balances the nervous system, soothes anxiety and lessens depression, and was reserved for royalty in ancient times.

Brahmi (Bacopa) ~ positively regulates serotonin & dopamine, boosts memory, enhances brain communication, empowers ability to learn & retain information, fights chronic pain, and reduces stress & anxiety.

Piñon Pine ~ nourishes the master endocrine gland; the Pineal Gland, raising intuition and harmonizing the whole glandular system of the body. It also highly enhances creative focus, boosts the Immune System, strengthens the heart and circulation, and synergizes proper hormone balance.

Intentional Directions:

*** Take 1 to 2 droppers full 1 to 2 X per day (under your tongue). Breathing deeply, close your eyes, focusing on your brow point. Smile and envision your radiant heart, brilliant mind, and shining presence to all that you come in contact with. ***


~ ~ ~

Mind the flower of Intelligent Infinity summoning you in

like a stellar gravitational pull inside your inner solar system

A wisdom lives here where all questions & answers run and

embrace sweetly uniting in irreversible peace and pure divine knowingness

Sublime sowing this seed of your sincere sacred service comes

to full fruition feeding & satiating all of ecstatic existence

Persistence & playfulness join forces as you spring forth a fountain of youthening

enlivening & inspiring Love’s immortal purpose in each & every being~`*

                    ~ Illup (The Ambrosia Alchemist)                          

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