AMBROSIA Nectar Necklace


Citrine & Gold Pendant Necklace filled with an artisan essential oil blend of Amber, Rose, Honey, and Gold

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Citrine & Gold Necklace filled with Amber, Rose, Honey, & Gold to empower you to the core, open your heart to the flow of loving grace, and align your mind’s eye to your highest most joyous exquisite expression this life!



Amber Oil (Liquidambar styraciflua) Honduras

Oil of Blue Amber Dominican Republic

Egyptian Amber  A special buried in the earth aged Amber

Sedona Future Amber (Aged Pinion Pine)

Oil of Amber ~ boosts overall vitality instilling great mental clarity and alertness. As Blue Amber naturally emits it’s own light; it creates an inner experience of lightedness: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Egyptian Rose Damascena

Rose Damascena Kazanlak, Bulgaria: Sacred Valley of the Rose

Rose of Sharon (Cistus Rock Rose) Spain

White Rose (Rosa Alba) Sacred Valley of the Rose

Rose ~ opens and strengthens the heart energetically and physically while bringing healing to the kidneys releasing fear and contraction. Rose Oil is scientifically proven to be one of the highest frequency natural substances and in turn raises the frequency (health/ vibrancy) of the human body (Johns Hopkins University).

Oil of Honey (Organic dual-extraction of Local Sedona Wild Flower & Mesquite Honey)

Oil of Honey ~ instills resiliency as a longevity tonic for all the organs of the body; cleansing toxicity from the liver, kidneys, & blood. Oil of Honey instills a sunny disposition and bright outlook on life.

Oil of 24k Gold (extracted from Peruvian Gold)

Oil of Gold ~ promotes anti-aging while assisting in the raising of consciousness. As a solar essence for the mind & heart; it creates a sense of connection, a reminder of one's unique genius & absolute importance.



.33ml essential oil

1.6” tall .6” wide / 40.6mm tall 15.2mm wide

26” gold chain / 660mm