NEW Lotus Nectar Necklace 2022


NEW Larger in Charge Citrine 14k Gold Nectar Necklace

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NEW Larger in Charge Citrine 14k Gold Nectar Necklace!
This is a pre-launch special making this one available before our whole new lotus line drops in July!!! Be the first with this new larger size true Citrine amulet that holds such a precious uplifting essential oil blend of Blue & Yellow Lotus Flower with Tahitian Vanilla and more!

Citrine pendant vessel filled with “Lotus Isle of Celestial Lovers” (14k Gold-plated):

Blue Lotus

Yellow Lotus

White Rose

Vanilla Bean





Holding these powerful oils in gemstone over your heart is a glorious experience that invites peaceful centeredness plus many magical interactions opening the way for sacred connection and shining presence. Can't wait to share this new treasure with you Beloved One!~`*

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