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Ingredients: Astragalus, Tibetan Snow Lotus, Gingko Biloba, Ashwaganda, Lion’s Mane, Mucuna Pruriens, Fo-Ti, Schizandra Berry,  Sacred Valley Bulgaria Rose Damascena, Frankincense, Gota Kola, Gynostemma, Pearl, Yerba Santa, Chaga, Ethically Sourced Pure Raw Local Honey, Crystallized Plant Mineral Salts, Grape Alcohol (very low 20%)  *All Ingredients Wild / Organic

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Lion’s Mane ~ enhances brain function (memory, focus and concentration), stimulates nerve growth factor production maintaining neurons, balances the nervous system, soothes anxiety, and lessens depression. Multiple studies have displayed taking this mushroom lead to fewer depressive behaviors and had blood markers that indicated lower depression. The researchers found that this is due to the extract’s anti-inflammatory effects. A Japanese research group found that people scored higher on cognitive function tests with Lion’s Mane. Another breakthrough highly-respected scientific study demonstrated profound nervous system repair & regeneration.

Tibetan Snow Lotus ~ has been shown in dozens of studies to be significantly anti-inflammatory & anti-nociceptive containing a unique variety of flavonoids that relieve or eliminate pain and serenely down-regulate the nervous system. The anti-oxidant effect of the sesquiterpenoids promote healthy aging & longevity. In Tibet, it is considered to be one of the “three treasures of Tibetan herbalism” and has been highly prized for centuries in royal courts as a beauty tonic. This herb nourishes the skin from within creating peak radiance.

Mucuna Pruriens ~ contains L-Tyrosine and L-Dopa (the main phenolic compound in the plant) that have been shown to be precursors to the neurotransmitter dopamine aka the happiness chemical in the brain. This “Dopamine Bean”, instills a sense of joy & uplifted mood, eases the nervous system, boosts brain function, and refines the senses. In vitro and in vivo studies have further revealed an even greater variety of medicinal effects including anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, pain relieving, aphrodisiac, anti-epileptic, anti-neoplastic, and anti-oxidant properties.

Fo-Ti ~ long known as "the cure for aging”, rebuilds the body's vital forces. Pharmacological studies have demonstrated that Fo-Ti possessed various biological activities such as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and exerting preventing activity against neurodegenerative diseases as well. Clinical investigations have verified its long claimed therapeutic action in anti-inflammatory, dyslipidemia, sleep disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

Chaga ~ has one of the highest ORAC anti-oxidant values of any herb yet, thereby helping prevent pre-mature aging. It also reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, enhances liver health, and dispels viruses (actually adapting to the unique virus and acting to dispel the foreign invader).

Astragalus ~ heals and retains the length of the DNA telomeres which is scientifically proven to directly correlate to prolonged youthfulness & longevity. Astragalus is powerfully anti-viral and is shown to stimulate the body’s natural production of “interferons;” proteins that “interfere" with viral replication to protect cells from virus infections by triggering an increase in natural killer cells, macrophages, phagocytes and other immune cells to eradicate pathogens! Astragalus activates production and maturation of stem cells into active immune cells which raises the level of specific hormones that signal for virus destruction.

Frankincense ~ cleanses bacteria & foreign pathogens and clears the mind. This resin of powerful purification is traditionally used in temples and churches and as a spiritual aid in opening the ‘doors of perception’.

Yerba Santa ~ naturally deepens the breath giving the sense of calm, peace, and expansiveness. It was given its name ‘Holy Herb’ for its effectiveness in clearing the lungs and deepening one’s sense of connection to all of life.

Pearl ~ has a unique combination of nutrients that supports the repair, rejuvenation, and regeneration of skin cells (our particular spagyric extraction method makes this bio-available and therefore beneficial).

Rose Damascena ~ energetically and physically activates and strengthens the heart while bringing healing to the kidneys releasing fear and contraction. Long used as a beauty serum for the skin. Rose is scientifically proven the highest frequency natural substance and in turn raises the frequency (health and vibrancy) of the human body (Johns Hopkins University).

Other Ingredients: Crystallized Plant Salts, Ethically Crafted Raw Wildflower Honey, Grape Alcohol (very low 22%) ***ALL INGREDIENTS WILD / ORGANIC***

Intentional Directions:

*** Take 1 to 2 droppers full 1 to 2 X per day (under your tongue). Breathing deeply, close your eyes, focusing on your brow point. Smile and envision your radiant heart, brilliant mind, and shining presence to all that you come in contact with. ***

~ ~ ~

“Your alchemy is magic Illup, other-worldly, and very much transcendental!! Truly outstanding products from start to finish, to conjure the divine in all of us. Thank you for your craft and wisdom.” ~ Jules Hartley (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine)

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