Full spectrum daily herbal spagyric immune boosting tincture, high-frequency on-the-go essential oil inhaler, and masterfully crafted small-batch sensuous essential oil blend

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Highly recommend receiving this bonus discount on all three alchemy and so supporting you and your loved ones throughout your most blissfully created day! Let’s live nectarous!

AMBROSIA Panacea (50ml)

Immunity Booster / Beauty Elixir / Anti-aging / Mental Clarity tonic / Daily protection / Mood Enhancer

pan· a· cea |  ˌpa-nə-ˈsē-ə : 1. to be “all-healing.” 2. to realign & bring one closer to spirit.

In Greek mythologyPanacea (Greek Πανάκεια, Panakeia) is the goddess of universal remedy.

Ingredients: Astragalus, Tibetan Snow Lotus, Gingko Biloba, Ashwaganda, Lion’s Mane, Mucuna Pruriens, Fo-Ti, Schizandra Berry,  Sacred Valley Bulgaria Rose Damascena, Frankincense, Gota Kola, Gynostemma, Pearl, Yerba Santa, Chaga, Ethically Sourced Pure Raw Local Honey, Crystallized Plant Mineral Salts, Grape Alcohol (very low 20%) 

[ *All Ingredients Wild / Organic ]

3 Key Ingredients and Benefits for Current Times:

Astragalus ~ heals and retains the length of the DNA telomeres which is scientifically proven to directly correlate to prolonged youthfulness & longevity. ***Astragalus is powerfully anti-viral and is shown to stimulate the body’s natural production of “interferons;” proteins that “interfere" with viral replication to protect cells from virus infections by triggering an increase in natural killer cells, macrophages, phagocytes and other immune cells to eradicate pathogens! Astragalus activates production and maturation of stem cells into active immune cells which raises the level of specific hormones that signal for virus destruction.

Chaga ~ has one of the highest ORAC anti-oxidant values of any herb yet, thereby helping prevent pre-mature aging. It also reduces inflammation, strengthens the immune system, enhances liver health, and dispels viruses (actually adapting to the unique virus and acting to dispel the foreign invader).

Frankincense ~ cleanses bacteria & foreign pathogens and clears the mind. This resin of powerful purification is traditionally used in temples and churches and as a spiritual aid in opening the ‘doors of perception’.

((( Formulated for our fast paced lifestyles to be taken as a daily herbal supplement to keep you strong, focused, happy, and on your excited loving mission! )))

Intentional Directions:

*** Take 1 to 2 droppers full 1 to 2 X per day (under your tongue). Breathing deeply, close your eyes, focusing on your brow point. Smile and envision your radiant heart, brilliant mind, and shining presence to all that you come in contact with. *** 


AMBROSIA Exaltation

New on-the-go essential oil inhaler we have lovingly formulated to assist keeping you wide-eye awakened, on your excited task at hand, and perfectly happy about it!

Creativity Booster / Heart Soother / Mind Opening / Spirit Enhancer / Joy Inspiring

ex· al· ta· tion |  ˌeg-ˌzȯl-ˈtā-shən : : 1. a feeling or state of heightened happiness, well-being,  and power.  2. the act of lifting up and raising high to a greater level.


^Blue Spruce ~ (Grand Canyon, Arizona)

*Rose Damascena ~ (Sacred Valley of the Rose, Bulgaria)

^Frankincense ~ (Incense Route, Somalia)

[ *organic / ^wildcrafted ]

*These precious oils are considered the three highest frequency substances on earth.

Comes in an elegant golden inhaler bottle perfect size to keep in your pocket, purse, or handbag for repeated joyful uplifting use & personal purification throughout the day!

Intentional Directions:

*** Just pop the cap, breathe deeply slowly waving the inhaler below each nostril, and feel the beauty of your day! With each delightful smell; envision all you wish you create right now and feel the powerful strength of your being to make anything possible, dreams come true! *** 



This is the essential oil blend we have sampled out to many of our Ambrosia-Lovers and with so many fervent excited requests, we now have it available by the bottle! Time to let the love in!

Love Promoting / Anxiety Reducer / Aphrodisiac / Heart Healer / Libido Booster / Self-love nurturer / Soul uplifter

am·​o·​rous |  ˈa-mə-rəs : 1. strongly moved by love and especially romantic love. 2. being in love ENAMORED 3. ignited sexuality 4. passionate, full of affection.


Ylang Ylang (Madagascar)

Cistus Rock Rose (Crete)

Rose Damascena (Bulgaria)

Jasmine Sambac (Egypt)

Magnolia Blossom (California)

Lavender Maillette (France)

Sandalwood (Australia)

Grapefruit (South Africa)

[ 100% organic ]

*These precious oils are steam-distilled, hydro-distilled or extracted via enfleurage in small artisan batches.

This gorgeous gold bottle with essential oil orifice reducer cap, can be taken with you anywhere throughout your day, placed in the ceremonial wooden gift box on your altar, kept by your bedside for sweet intimate times, or shared with friends to make any occasion more juicy and… amorous!!

Intentional Directions:

*** For a quick pick-me-up, place two drops on your inner side of one wrist and rub both wrists together. Bringing your wrists up to your face, inhale deeply several times smiling to yourself for this gift you’ve given yourself this day.

*** Beginning your morning meditation, put a drop of Amorous on your wrists, brow-point, temples, chin, and both sides of the neck as you set your loving intention for your practice and all you’d love to create this day.

*** Solo ritual in quiet space with yourself, place Amorous drops on your heart-center, under your nose, and centered on your third-eye with an upper ward motion. Envision a golden light connecting your heart and your mind. Feel yourself filled with an absolutely whole kind of love that contains everything you need.

*** With a beloved, sit face to face across from each in a comfortable & beautifully set space. Anoint each other with Amorous oil on each others brow, forehead, temples, chin, sides & nape of the neck, high heart, and both wrists rubbing them together and enjoying how the smell changes on yours and your companion’s arms. Feel free to eye for a minutes till you break out in loving laughter. Once again return to the delicious smells on your bodies and continue to enjoy the magic from there.

*** To learn more about product benefits, see the individual product pages ***

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“Impeccable wild ingredients combined with their commitment to integrity delivers wonderful products that are nutritionally balanced, taste delicious, and make you feel fantastic!” ~ David Avocado Wolfe (World Renowned Nutritionist Speaker Author)

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