From a fellow herbalist, I regard Ambrosia Alchemy’s products as one of the highest quality, most carefully crafted herbal preparations I have used. Owner Illup is an expert in his craft, and has impeccable standards when it comes to ingredients, the preparation process, and overall quality of every one of his products. I would recommend Ambrosia Alchemy to anyone and everyone looking for herbal product that will enhance and improve their well being and quality of life.

Allison Austin ~ Founding Herbalist of Birch Botanicals

The lovers of God know a secret alchemy of surrender/bliss. They refresh themselves consciously in the Spring of Life – the inner secret or Fountainhead. Adoration and surrender are the alchemical keys. Thank you Illup for “Ambrosia”.

Consciously choosing and re-choosing to refresh oneself and drink the Spring of Life within. This is the essence of “Ambrosia” . It cleans and refresh inner chambers, throws wide open windows of interior castle/cathedral and allows the radiance of the inner sun to shine and reveal its sublime home and beauty.

immediacy of elevated Joy
clearing and refreshing
alert embracing awareness
then a softening childlike joy
confidence and peace

auspicious blessings
blissful smile within that

Gabriella Young ~ Artist, Poet, Performer

The words that come to mind when I think of the AMBROSIA products I’ve tried are: QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and CONSCIOUSNESS. I have always had phenomenal results partaking of the alchemical concoctions created by Illup – one can truly feel the difference in the amount of loving care, and passion, that has gone into each blend.

I feel like the essential qualities of the plants are brought forth to shine purely, and the effects on both my physical body and my mind are always both supportive and delighting. Highly recommend!

Dani Gray ~ Yoga Educator

The ambrosia line is impeccable radiance. Its taste and physical benefits are wonderful. Ambrosia’s true magic is in its vibration. I was taking it while I was traveling and whenever I needed an energetic boost, this alchemy aligned me with a super pure and high vibration!!! It is… awakening in a bottle! Love it!

Bridget Nielsen ~ International Speaker on Consciousness, ETs, and Harmonious Living

I am totally in love with Ambrosia!  I keep both the gold & the platinum bottles on my altar.  They are beautiful inside & out!  Each morning I place several drops of the gold formula under my tongue and breathe deeply with it.  It permeates my spirit with a sense of endless possibility and aligns my energy to be open for miracles. 

I enjoy the platinum one in the evening before bed as I feel it has a cooling, soothing energy.  I’m so happy to have discovered these and integrated them into my daily spiritual routine!


Lulu Bonner ~ Founder, CEO Lulu's Chocolate

The Ambrosia Elixir of Light & Prosperity is phenomenal. I’ve been taking it every day for almost 6 weeks now. I feel it really working on my pineal gland opening awareness, stillness, and brainwave congruency. Thank you, Illup, for continuously taking it to the next level!

Brian David ~ Professional Musician

Use it everytime I am consciously allowing the Divine to flow through me. It jump starts the connection. Love it!

Ausierra Brynn Goforth ~ Singer and Sacred Ceremony Leader


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Endless Joy & Infinite Gratitude!~`